Legs Hair Removal

Leg hair removal can be the bane of the female existence. It seems like no sooner you removed it, it grows back again, weed-like!

Fiddling around with burning hot wax, drawing blood with blunt razors or messing about with smelly creams can often leave you wishing for a more permanent and lasting leg hair removal solution.

Well, wish no more! Now, you can remove leg hair thanks to Artistry’s laser hair removal!

Artistry is now offering a more lasting hair removal treatment for both women and men. Our specialised laser treatments are quick and effective and are an affordable way to get rid of annoying leg hair!

Imagine all the time and money you will save by not having to wax your legs every few weeks? So if you want to remove or reduce your leg hair, book your appointment now at Artistry!

What are the facts about laser hair removal on the legs?

Leg hair can be stubborn. Many products claim to be the most effective leg hair remover, but often fail to live up to expectations. But now, methods involving lasers to get rid of hair on the legs have evolved to become very quick and easy – it only takes about 25 minutes per lower leg.

And if you are worried about the cost, check out our price list. Our affordable laser leg hair treatments are hygienic, quick and effective – greatly reducing your leg hair after a few sessions! Plus, with our treatment, you can say goodbye permanently to ingrown hairs.

How to get rid of leg hair?

Depending on your hair type, you will need a few sessions for best results. Treatments are performed about every five or six weeks until the follicle becomes sterile or can no longer support hair. Following the successful completion of your treatments, you may need only one or two treatments per year to maintain the results!

What results can I expect after laser hair removal on my legs?

Occasionally, some clients have a few hairs left following the completion of the treatment course, but are sparser and even almost invisible. It works using Photothermolysis, or converting light energy into heat, which harms the hair follicle – this process makes laser the best among all leg hair remover treatments available today.

Does laser hair removal work anywhere else?

Artistry’s hair removal treatment can also be used on almost all face and body areas on both men and women. Using Artistry, you can greatly reduce unwanted, stubborn hormonal hair on the lip, chin or cheeks, or even tidy up your hairline or eyebrows!

Will removing my leg hair hurt?

It hardly hurts. Our lasers have Dynamic Cooling, which makes the session almost pain-free. After your hair removal treatment you may have slight redness on your legs which will reduce and then disappear in less than two hours.

How do I take care of my lovely smooth legs after treatment?

It is important not to pull any re-growth following hair removal on the legs. However, you can use depilatory creams or shave. But one of the many benefits of laser is that you do not have to wait until the hair grows back before you get your next laser leg hair removal treatment!

Artistry is the best in hair removal for legs. We use the latest Candela Alexandrite technology, so you can expect the best treatments in the fastest possible time. Whether you want to remove hair from the bikini line, chest, face, or legs, contact Artistry now!

Published on  January 9th, 2015

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